In December 2015, a friend of mine and I started Datein, a project to organize singles events in KL. We created a group on Meetup and in just a few weeks we grew up to over 900 members. We were super excited. Our first singles event, sadly, had only 6 participants turning up. We were running around the bar hunting for passers by to join us, some did. We had so much fun.


A few not very successful events later we were almost giving up.  But then we thought why not to give it another chance. We migrated to our own websites and started to pick singles who were really committed to finding a partner. We spent evenings calling with each and every member to get to know them better and be able to hand pick those who could match during the event. Step by step, we managed to get great attendance, improved the format of our events and we even get.


We worked super hard but we really had a lot of fun and learned so much. And then during one event, a couple met. They are getting married in one month. We felt a huge satisfaction. We created something that influent a life of two people to such extent that they will spend the rest of their lives together. Loved that feeling, we were so proud.


Sadly, it turned out to be our last event. Few things happened – we wanted to upgrade the website with new functions and my partner in crime got married and started to focus on her private life. I still tried to keep it alive and worked on new web, but few months later I finally realized that this project came to the end of its life. Sometimes we just have to let things go so that new can come.


And so here is the new thing. I love to create. I especially love to create situations that can positively impact lives of others. Isn’t matchmaking the greatest way to do that? Now, as you already understand, I am at point zero, just starting off. I put a lot of thoughts into how the process should be to be able to deliver results. I believe to be a good matchmaker, you need to be a great networker and have high EQ. Sometimes love stories just need a little help. Let’s do it. Let’s make love happen.